Budapest Day #2

Budapest Day #2

May 13, 2018 1 By TravelWanker

Walking…a lot…Oh, my Christ we did walk a lot!!!

Synagogue – we looked – bollocks to paying, it wasn’t cheap & was a queue. When you walk around its perimeter you see it all anyway!

Simpla Kertz farmers market & 10.30 beer – Awesome, was really busy with people buying cheese & meats etc + you could buy beer! – 10.30am!? – Yes Please!!

Da Marco restaurant – Just a little Italian place but was such a lovely meal


Flipper Museum – Awesome, awesome & awesome!!! – If you like playing pinball then this is ‘fat kid in a sweet shop’ territory – Was about £8 per person & last for the day – all pinballs are then free! – Adams Family is a personal fav & is associated with a lot of memories!

Margaret Island – a Big bit of land with no cars etc – you can rent bikes etc – there are also places to stop & have drinks/food – we stopped & had a few drinks in the sun before going to the Travel Man restaurant!.

TM Kehli Vendeglo Restaurant –

We tried ‘Bone Marrow’ which they did on the show – it was weird – I am also putting the ‘relentless & horrific wind’ down to this! OMG.

We ended up getting a bus back to where we stayed – like good old pissed tourists we just got on gestured ‘how do we pay’ type of hand signals & were just waved on #freebus