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Nepal Day #3 Travel to Chitwan

November 10, 2018 0

After battling with Access Nepal we were picked up by a taxi to go to ‘bus station’…aka a line of buses for about a mile on the road!! Also discovered that the time on the bus ticket is bollocks. Always 30mins later than stated….& we arrived early!! We had our breakfast box! Weird sandwich, 2…

By TravelWW

Nepal Day #2 – Kathmandu

November 9, 2018 0

City tour of Kathmandu – 8.45am. Us & 3 others. Saw the sights of Kathmandu. Pretty impressive. [videopress oHjQCprJ] Kumari was the ‘eye opener’ – 10 girls for Buddist families that fit loads of different criteria – beauty, hair colour, the shade of skin, eye colour etc Then they scare the shit out of them…

By TravelWW