When Is The Best Time To Visit Croatia? We Start With Hvar.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Croatia? We Start With Hvar.

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the best time to visit HVAR in Croatia
Are you thinking about going to Croatia?

Wondering when is the best time to travel to Croatia?

If you’re trying to pick the best time to visit Croatia, keep reading.

These are some of the best times to head to Croatia (NB: When I originally did this post I did it focussed on Hvar – I have since changed it to cover all of Croatia as it seemed far more relevant).

Also, check out my little video below showing a great website ‘Travel Hack’ that will help you choose when is the best time for you to visit & travel to Croatia (or any other country for that matter).

The Times With The Best Weather in Croatia

If you want to have great weather while you’re in Hvar, Croatia there are two main times you’ll want to visit. You could try travelling and visiting in May or June, or you could visit in September or October.

These months have beautiful weather. You’ll be able to sunbathe and swim as much as you would like to, but the weather won’t be too hot. You’ll be able to stay outside all day without feeling too much burn!

This is an excellent tool to see the average Temp etc  – https://www.holiday-weather.com/country/croatia/


The Most Exciting Time To Travel To Croatia

Do you want to have the chance to see parades, fairs, and celebrations while you are in Croatia?

If you do, you may want to visit during June or July. There are a number of holidays that take place during this time. That is not the only time though so be sure to check out the link below from the ‘Visit Croatia’ website.

It can be a lot of fun to get involved in local celebrations. If you wind up travelling & visiting Croatia at the idea time, you’ll be able to enjoy the festivities. List of Croatian Festivals – Visit Croatia

You’ll have a chance to see the kinds of things that a lot of other travellers wind up missing out on. You’ll be able to enjoy some very unique experiences.


The Best Croatian Deals – What Time Of Year To Travel?

Do you want to pay less during your trip to Croatia? If you want to save, you may want to travel and arrive before the warm weather hits.

Travelling in February or March will allow you to pay a lot less.

You can also find a lot of bargains if you travel to this area in November or January.

If your budget is tight, you’ll want to travel when the prices are at their lowest. While you can find bargains year-round, you’ll find some of the best deals if you go during these months. We have found this doubly so as generally the flights are cheaper as well as the accommodation (which you are likely to have more choice).

The only potential downside of travelling out of season is that you may have fewer choices in terms of where to eat etc….but in our experience it is the tourist places that shut down at these times only leaving the local & what we think are the better restaurants!


Croatia Travel – Avoiding The Crowds

Croatia tends to see big crowds during the summer. A lot of people head here for their summer holidays.

If you don’t like being around big crowds, you’ll probably want to skip a summer trip or head for the less popular areas. As with a lot of things in life people are generally ‘lazy’, I don’t mean that in a derogatory way! What I mean is that people will travel to a place & then stop. They often won’t take the next steps that would lead to a better holiday experience.

This is especially so in Croatia. There are so many Islands to visit using the ferries but a lot of people won’t take the next step or will just do day trips. To experience Croatia properly you need to be travelling to the Islands and ideally staying on them for a few days before moving on. This way will also help avoiding a lot of the crowds as the further you go the fewer people will ‘follow’.

While May has very warm weather, it usually isn’t all that crowded. Because students still have classes during this time, things aren’t as busy as they could be.

Crowds are even smaller during the winter when the weather isn’t quite as pleasant. No surprises there!

NB: Since I 1st wrote this article, the phenomenon of Game Of Thrones has hit. This especially affects Dubrovnic so you should factor this in when picking the best time to visit Croatia, especially in the summer months (see the link in the further reference section). 


So…When Is The Best Time To Visit Croatia?

Ultimately, that’s up to you (no great shocks there!!).

Think about what you want from your Croatian vacation.

Find a time that will give you exactly what you are looking for in terms of weather, crowds & costs…..then go for it! The country is beautiful!

Hopefully, this article has helped you decide when is the best time to travel to Croatia & has been useful. Thanks for reading


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