Travel Latest:

Budapest…We are on our way!!

A lovely pint of Camden Pale Ale….we did Priority Lane & didn’t really need it.

Tried Penhaligons stuff… Radcliff smelling good.

Cheeky Boots £4 meal deal X2.

Text from Sis to say Mum has eyes open & has eaten etc

Am still get used to this WordPress set up.

Flight was all good. Wizz are cheeky bastards, they started putting labels on the bags to go in the hold very early!. We got one. We tore it off.

Bought wine on plane. Used card. That way they can’t con us & short change like they did last time with a meal deal & gives a shit biscuit bar instead of 2 Euro!

Anyway, arrived fine.

A whole new world…

Okay, starting this weekend, I shall start adding to this blog in real time.

I shall document where we have been and what we have been doing. What we ate. What it cost. Was it any good.

It might be a mess at times but who gives a shit! Hopefully it will be real time & should be a track of what we have done & where we have been!!


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