Budapest, Hungary – Our Map – May 2018

Okay, so we went to Budapest in May 2018 – Saturday 12th to Tuesday 15th May.

We flew from Luton with Wizz.

This is my 1st crack at an ‘online diary’ which hopefully I can keep up & will remind us of all the little stories along the way that may not be remembered just from photos!

I will try & do this ‘Map’ each time, I have no idea if it will be helpful & may change how I do it going forward – but we have to start somewhere!! #travelwanker #ngoa



Budapest – Day 1

Budapest – Day 2

Budapest – Day 3

Budapest – Day 4


Budapest Day #4

Pissing down – we had done really well weather’wise – today it was pretty much lashing it (still warm tho!).

We wandered about & found the Central Market – a massive place full ‘shit-naks’, meats & stuff. We were starving & found a place doing food. We then purchased some of the most expensive potatoes ever eaten! – they were just potatoes with salami meat & onion but despite being ‘dirty’ & hitting the spot they were not cheap!…..we also spent ages waiting as a Chinese tourist kept ordering stuff!!


Gerbaud Cafe – Prosecco & 1 cake – lovely place, not cheap – we ordered what turned out to be a tiny individual bottle of bubbly between us!

St Stephens & went up 2 lifts with Oz couple – did try the stairs but f*** that, they were spiral & ‘open’ – no way!! The view was impressive but the day was dismal & dull with grey skies.

Then we went wandering for wine – there was supposed to be a good place near us… was shut!

So – Craft beer hunt – we found a place! – First Craft Beer

Simpla Kertz for cheap wine.

Back to Circus to pick up our bag & then bus to the airport (very busy!).

We were in & through pretty quickly & had a few hrs to spare so we did a lounge using Dragon Pass @ airport.

Decent flight & then got Spearhead taxi home by just ringing them when in the drop off zone & answering when they ring!! – means we don’t have to mess out with the tosser that are Addison Lee!! (& no I’m putting a link to them!!).