Guide to craft beer in London

London Craft Beer Guide – Where To Find The Best Pubs

October 2, 2019 0 By TravelWW

Guide to craft beer in London

London has a lot of pubs.

About 3,500 currently.

But, if like me, you have discovered that you really like & enjoy ‘craft beer’ – then you realise you have just made your life that bit more complicated!

Going to the pub used to be very easy – Guinness, Fosters, Stella & Strongbow on tap & ‘Old Wanker’ on a pump.

That was it, they were your choices.

For years it was like this.

Ignorance was bliss.

Not anymore.

There has been some sort of beer explosion in terms of choice.

There are so many smaller breweries appearing everywhere, all fighting for this new/changed market.

The choices now seem endless.

Most of these choices can be found in cans & bottles.

The off-trade as they call it (home drinking) is now massive and this is where people are discovery their new tipples.

So having now discovered you like something new – what then happens when you head to the pub!?

To be fair, a lot of London pubs now have a ‘Camden Pale Ale’ or ‘Beavertown Neck Oil’ type of offering on tap which is great.

What if you want more?

What if you want to try small-batch stuff, stouts & porters, sours, IPA’s, NEIPA’s, double dry-hopped offerings? The list goes on.

Then you need a list.

A focus.

A map maybe!?

As luck would have it, I have created one and it has only just started.

As I discover more I will be adding to this list.

The idea behind it is that eventually, wherever you are in London, this map will show you your nearest ‘proper’ craft ale pub.

There is a lot of research needed for this map.

A London craft beer guide is no small thing.

I think I am up for the challenge!

Want me to add others to the list? Just leave a comment below & I’ll check and add accordingly.