Nepal Day #9 – Himalayas & Pokhara

Nepal Day #9 – Himalayas & Pokhara

November 16, 2018 Off By TravelWW

The morning view of the Himalayas was another blinder. Better than the 1st day I would say.

This was the last part of our ‘Trek’ & was potentially even shorter than the already ‘joke’ short treks up to now. Needless to say, we had a late start to try & eek it all out a bit.

[videopress Nt0QAIXM]

We did have a gorgeous breakfast! So far removed from my nightmare food choices the night before!

When it was time, we did our final ‘Trek’ down from the Australian camp & then got into another tiny taxi for the short trip back to Pokhara & back to the same hotel.

We said goodbye to our guide & the porter for the day although the guide was travelling with the next day.

We went for a wander & found ourselves by the lake again. What to do but get stuck into some beers & gins which we did!

We then ate that night in the Little Buddha again, firstly because it was nice & secondly (and more importantly) was that we had the 7+ hours bastard coach journey the next day back to Kathmandu!