Parga, Greece – A Great Week Getaway! Well Worthy Of A Return.

Parga, Greece – A Great Week Getaway! Well Worthy Of A Return.

July 19, 2019 0 By TravelWW

The first thing to say is that this was a lovely location for a week’s chilled getaway!

We would definitely return……not something we usually say or do but this was perfect for a simple week away.

The minor ‘blip’ is that it flies direct from Gatwick.

From Luton, you can fly to Corfu & get a ferry.

We booked this little break via TUI & was quite frankly a bargain – £380 each – Flights, transfer & hotel with breakfast.

The usual start – Train, Wetherspoons for Punk IPA & this time we had nachos.

When our flight was called & we went to our gate, we knew we had struck gold! 98% of the people on the plane were older than us!


Parga – Rezi Hotel & Unexpected Upgrade

Easy flight, easy pick-up at the airport. One hour transfer to Parga & just us dropped off at the Rezi Hotel.

We had in-theory gone for the cheapest room & the reviews were okay albeit a tad small etc.

What we got was a far cry from what we expected & we are pretty sure we got better than we were supposed to.

We had a great room!

Lots of space. Fridge & kitchen area.

This was more a studio apartment rather than a pokey room.

So off we went for an explore.

The Parga ‘front’ was about a 10-minute walk away & was lovely.

Nice beach & various restaurants & bars.

We had a wander & ended up in a little bar upstairs for a pint & followed by a 7% craft beer.

Here we witnessed 2 people, who should have known better, necking for ages! Really quite off-putting.

The final stop before bed was for a Gyros in the #1 place to buy them – Fillippas – It was gorgeous! & at €3 each was a bargain. It made it even better than you can also order a big glass of cold white wine to have with it for €2

It was pork meat from the kebab + onion, peppers, pickles, sauce & chips….all rolled up into a pitta type of bread.

Just look how happy Lisa is! #foodporn


Our first full day we stayed by the pool in the sun.

Greek Night In Parga – A ‘Must Do’ & Very Worthwhile!

That evening we went to Dokos Taverna

It was Greek night.

This was the only thing we had booked & it was a good job.

It was a very big restaurant & was pretty busy. The food & wine was pretty cheap & pretty good.


We were there for entertainment!

The main ‘Guitar’ guy was superb! What a talent.

They did quite a few songs. Then came the famous Greek song (think ‘Lock, Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels’) where they got loads of people up!