Porto, Portugal Day #4 – Potter, Trams & Wine

Porto, Portugal Day #4 – Potter, Trams & Wine

September 18, 2018 Off By TravelWW

Final Day.

Was going to be a long day as our flight wasn’t until 10 pm that evening.

Today was a ‘tick all the remaining boxes’ days.

This started early with queuing up for tickets to get into a bookshop!! WTF!


The Harry Potter Staircase Porto!

5 Euro each.


Because it has a ‘swirly’ staircase that Harry Potter author JK Rowling, in theory, was inspired by.


As I have said before – “Potter Shits Gold”.

Next tick box was to get on the Tram & go to the coast. Only about 20 minutes journey.

It was nice to have a wander about & then have a beer on the front.

Wandered some more & found a ‘Burger Restaurant’ that also served craft beer! – Wooohooo!!

That was nice.

We wandered more until the coast was pretty much done. On wandering back we stumbled upon a park with toilets in an old impressive building.


Better than that.

It was next door to crazy golf!!! & there was 2!!!

Alas, one was shut for refurbishment.

crazy golf porto

Then back onto the Tram into Porto.

Wine & Watching – A Lovely End To A Lovely Weekend!

More wandering looking at stuff & buildings. By this time we’d had enough.

So onto the waters edge/front where we sat with a few white wines & just people watched in the sun. There were a few ‘turns’ on that played music & sang. A very enjoyable time.

Finally, time to go & the last picture with ‘Cobbler Bloke’.

Metro back to the airport & we went straight to the lounge. I had 2 credits & the card expired today. Technically it wasn’t valid, but the guy let us in.

Airport Lessons – Look At The App

We merrily sat & drank wine and gin and filled up on sandwiches.

Finally, we left & we learnt a very important lesson.

Always check the EasyJet App!!!

We sat by the bastard gate for 3+ hours as our plane was delayed but the boards didn’t say.

The App does!!

We could have spent that time in the lounge grazing on booze & grub.

Chances are though, we would have been shitfaced. A risk I would have been prepared to take.

Arrived back in Luton about 3 am. Great little trip.