Montenegro Day #1 – Spoons, Travel, Craft Beer & Sea Bream

Montenegro Day #1 – Spoons, Travel, Craft Beer & Sea Bream

July 1, 2018 Off By TravelWW

It was a Gatwick flight so did the usual & stayed at the best Premier Inn there – right next to the terminal.

Usual service – Beer & Burger of an evening & then Pint & Eggs Benedict at the ‘Red Lion Spoons! – Lovely.

red lion gatwick wetherspoons eggs benedict

Mmmmm – Brewdog + Eggs Benedict

Flew with TUI – lots of families going to the new all-inclusive family resort in Montenegro.

Untravelled Paths – Our Second Outing With Them

The week-long break was through a company we have used before – Untravelled Paths – they are excellent!! & we will use them again no question.

untravelled paths

Click To Go To Their Website

Picked up from the airport.

2hr transfer. Us & 5 girls in the group tour. 6 to follow on Thursday.

Montecristo hotel.

Welcome drink.


Montenegro Has Its Own Craft Beer & Brewery – Wehay!!

2 drinks in the Gastropub 702. Craft beer.

A Whole Sea Bream Each? – Yes Please!

Ate at Cesarica

Small misunderstanding/fuck up with wine costs. 500 for 17.50€… we could have got a bottle for 14€!!….we got 2 x 500 carafe!! #twats

Salted fish & local cow cheese.

We ate a whole sea bream each! Was lovely.

Then bed.