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Montenegro Day #7 – Last Day, One Long Walk And A Boat Trip

July 7, 2018 0

The final full day. Tomorrow we travel home. There was also a small matter of England v Sweden in the Quarterfinal of the World Cup. It had not escaped our notice that despite where we were staying was pretty small, that most of the other people staying were Swedish! Breakfast With A View! Today was…

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Montenegro Day #6 – Lakes, Lakes and Eco Lodges With Views

July 6, 2018 0

Breakfast was dumplings + bits of omelette + various ‘cheese’ served – the dumplings were lovely and were good with cheese & honey. So off we went – 2 lakes to visit – the 1st lake was a ‘bonus’ due to nobody signing up some hike. Lisa & I rented a rowing boat for an…

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Montenegro Day #5 – Driving, Shrines, Bees & An Eco lodge

July 5, 2018 0

The last brekkie at Kotor – 8 am. New people had arrived for the trip. 2 minibusses. Lisa & I were with a family of 4. Jennifer, Stuart and their 2 kids – Calum & Abigail. The 5 girls had Carl & Sharon. The Gang Is Together & The Driving Begins! Lots of driving!! Stopped…

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Montenegro Day #4 – Tivat, Awesome Tangja and Craft Beer

July 4, 2018 0

Later start – 9 am Brekkie. Local Bus To Tivat To Visit The Marina Wander to find the bus station. Bought tickets to Tivat – one way 2.50€ each. Waited about 25 mins. Was about 15 mins away through the tunnel. Coach stop was about 1Km walk to the 1st marina! Bastard! Thought it would…

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Montenegro Day #3 – Budvar, Sweaty Steve, Jaz Beach & Footy

July 3, 2018 0

Day Trip. Met guide (Illija) at 9. Montenegro is an absolute nightmare in the morning. So so many tourist buses & people from the cruise ships. Budvar Old Town – Hitler & Beer Budvar old town. Lots of little streets on the coast with a beautiful view (not Kotor beautiful, but still pretty impressive). Bought…

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Montenegro Day #2 – Sweat, Stunning Views And A Boat Trip

July 2, 2018 0

Up for brekkie. Lovely atmosphere sat outside. Eggs & ‘bacon’ with the church bells ringing. [videopress a7aP6uN1] A Big Sweaty Stair Climb For A Stunning View (Did I Mention The Sweat!) Then the big uphill walk. 45mins. Sweating like a bastard! (check the T-Shirt!) What a view. The sun came out properly at the summit.…

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Montenegro Day #1 – Spoons, Travel, Craft Beer & Sea Bream

July 1, 2018 0

It was a Gatwick flight so did the usual & stayed at the best Premier Inn there – right next to the terminal. Usual service – Beer & Burger of an evening & then Pint & Eggs Benedict at the ‘Red Lion Spoons! – Lovely. Flew with TUI – lots of families going to the…

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