Montenegro Day #4 – Tivat, Awesome Tangja and Craft Beer

Montenegro Day #4 – Tivat, Awesome Tangja and Craft Beer

July 4, 2018 Off By TravelWW

tivat marina

Later start – 9 am Brekkie.

Local Bus To Tivat To Visit The MarinaWander to find the bus station. W bought tickets to Tivat – one way 2.50€ each. Waited about 25 mins.

Was about 15 mins away through the tunnel.

Coach stop was about 1Km walk to the 1st marina! Bastard! I thought it would be in the centre – Nah! Walking along a road in 30+ degrees of heat with no shade!!

Marina was nice & did a lot of walking!

Found a little bar next to the water & was cheap – we thought we would have our eyes taken out with it being a Marina. Rich people can also be tight.

WhatsApp Will about Biggin’s yacht…. but the selfish bastard had sold it!

marina beer

We got a cab back & told him to stop at 15€.

A Craft Beer Selling BBQ Meat Restaurant – Magic!

We then stopped at THE BBQ place – #1 on TripAdvisor – BBQ Tangja


The owner was very charismatic. They also sold craft beer! 2.5€ – Smilin’ Goat (brewed by Fabrika brewery) I had read on TripAdvisor that they do amazing roast potatoes – so I mentioned it to him whilst we were eating & sure enough, over he popped with some & just dumped some on our platter

Lots of food – spot on! Full meal for us both & 4 IPA’s – 25€ – #boof

Sunbathing Low Point

Wandering to the other end of Kotor to see it & try and find a bit of beach to layout in.

Really hot.

Lisa found a spot, but I was way too warm & sought shade curled up behind what can only be described as a big pineapple. Not a ‘holiday highlight’.

Had a few wines & eventually a bowl of pasta in a lovely little square – Konoba Roma – The food wasn’t ‘amaze-balls’. Still, it was in a lovely position & the staff seemed very nice & attentive, and quite a few people around us were back again.

Got a few small red wines for the mountains 3€  – 187ml.

Bed ready for the start of the ‘real tour’.


Google Map – Day #4