Montenegro Day #6 – Lakes, Lakes and Eco Lodges With Views

Montenegro Day #6 – Lakes, Lakes and Eco Lodges With Views

July 6, 2018 Off By TravelWW

Breakfast was dumplings + bits of omelette + various ‘cheese’ served – the dumplings were lovely and were good with cheese & honey.

brekkie of dumplings, cheese & honey

So off we went—two lakes to visit. The first lake was a ‘bonus’ due to nobody signing up for a hike.

Lisa & I rented a rowing boat for an hour – 7€ as I recall – and tried handing the bloke a 50€ note – his reaction was hilarious!! – a smiling facial expression that shouted, “Get to Fuck!”. Paid with a 10€ note.

Was beautiful – we were the only ones on the lake except for the family we were with.

We then stopped at a place that loads of Zip Wire ‘rides’ across a big valley – was half tempted, was half not – in the end, we went for a beer instead.

The family did it & some of the girls.

zipwire montenegro valley

Next stop: lunch. It’s quite a modern place. Lisa got guilted into having ‘lamb cooked in milk’, a traditional meal. She wanted carbonara.

Bollocks to that – I had pizza.

I won.

Next stop – another lake. Massive.

Took 2 hours to walk around (plus a few ‘wrong turns’). Durmitor National Park.

More driving & eventually getting to a ‘beauty photo spot’ – had the look of what I imagine a lot of Scotland looks like.Montenegro Day #6 - Lakes, Lakes and Eco Lodges With Views 2

More driving & then finally to our accommodation for the last 2 nights – another ‘Eco Lodge’ but this one had electricity, lights & our own shower and toilet. (Article about Eco-Friendly Travel Tips).

It also had a little cabin which sold beer & cooked nice food! – weehay!!
Eco Lodges – Etno Selo Izlazak

eco lodge montenegro #2

The view was pretty impressive.

eco lodge number 2 view

There was no Google Maps again, as we were off the grid with no WiFi.