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Budapest Day #4 – Rain, Heights, Expensive Potatoes And Cheap Wine

May 15, 2018 1

Pissing down – we had done really well weather’wise – today it was pretty much lashing it (still warm tho!). We wandered about & found the Central Market – a massive place full ‘shit-naks’, meats & stuff. The World’s Most Expensive Potatoes! We were starving & found a place doing food. We then purchased some…

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Budapest Day #3 – Thermal Bath, Street Food and Wine Tour

May 14, 2018 1

We got on the Metro at 9am – like everywhere in Europe the trains are SO cheap & generally reliable it is a pleasure to use! Obviously, I DO NOT include the UK in this where they are just SO expensive!!! (sorry, I hate using CAPS) but it does really wind me up! Anyway, we…

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Budapest Day #2 – 10.30am Craft Beer, Walking & Pinball

May 13, 2018 1

Walking. A lot of walking Oh, my Christ we did walk a lot! Synagogue – we looked – bollocks to paying, it wasn’t cheap & was a queue. When you walk around its perimeter you see it all anyway! Beer Selling Farmers Market with Cheese Simpla Kertz farmers market & 10.30 beer – Awesome, was…

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Budapest Day #1 – Craft Beers, Boat Trip & Spa

May 12, 2018 1

The Start – Luton Airport – A lovely pint of Camden Pale Ale. We did Priority Lane & didn’t really need it. it always seems to work that way. Duty-Free wandering about – tried Penhaligons aftershaves – Radcliff smelling good. Cheeky Boots £4 measls for the plane. Text from Sis to say Mum has eyes…

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